New Update: Version is Now Available!

In the latest update (Version of our Game Engine, there are some exciting enhancements. The most significant change is the implementation of AssimpNet for loading 3D models. This not only allows for loading FBX and OBJ files but also opens up the possibility of supporting even more formats in the future. Additionally, a bug in the Collider causing Gimbal Lock has been fixed.


  • AssimpNet Integration: The Game Engine now utilizes AssimpNet for loading 3D models, enabling support for various formats, including FBX.
  • FBX Support: The update introduces support for loading FBX files, expanding the versatility of the engine.
  • Gimbal Lock Bug Fix in Collider: A bug in the Collider causing Gimbal Lock has been successfully addressed.
  • Adjustments to Element3D: Minor adjustments have been made to Element3D.
  • Mesh Class Adjustments: Optimizations have been implemented in the Mesh class.
  • Material Class Addition: A new Material class allows for more precise control over the visual representation of 3D models.

This update enhances the performance and functionality of our Game Engine while keeping the focus on essential features.

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